Mais qui sont les Whole Pagers?

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Depuis quelques jour un nouveau hashtag à vu le jour et enflamme la toile, les Whole Pagers arrivent… Pour expliquer simplement il s’agit simplement de remplacer les bombes, caps et les murs habituels par des posca et autres feutres graphique le tout bien rangé dans un sketchbook, qu’on se le dise c’est beaucoup plus simple à trimbaler partout avec soi et autant dire que le résultat est vraiment chanmé, il y en à vraiment pour tous les goûts… HipHopCorner vous offre une petite sélection des plus belles oeuvres de se nouveaux courant du « streetart » si on peut dire ça comme sa…

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"WTF Wednesdays"…I get many requests for sketch exchanges and to rock people's BlackBooks….and there was a time when I would do a few if I had time…and at no cost or fee….especially if the person making the request was an established writer who paid his or her dues in this thing we do and love…but some people….being who they are…took my kindness for stupidity….I rocked this 2pager in a relatively well known writer's B-Book out of kindness and respect for the traditions and protocol of the craft…and this fine "gentleman" repaid my benevolence by selling it ….and to someone I knew no less, who quickly showed it to me….all I could do was shake my head. Needless to say I had to cease doing anything for free ….sad…very sad…passing blackbooks amongst writers was a sacred, time honored act, no longer held in high esteem….So I appreciate your understanding when I decline exchanges or requests for "free" work.

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